Firefighter Salary and Career Opportunity

A career in the firefighter field can be a very rewarding job. However, do you first look at the firefighter salary before deciding to enter this life saving career? The risk of the job will always surpass any salary package that could be given in this field. However, for most firemen the satisfaction derived from saving lives and property on a daily basis is well worth it.

However, that being said, the love for your job does not pay your bills. Therefore, you need to research a firefighter’s salary package to ensure it will be able to take care of your family and allow you to save some money for times of emergency. In the United States, the average salary of a basic firefighter is around $41,350 per annum, of course, these figures are not groundbreaking, but there is a structured firefighter salary package in every country that will increase over time with experience, allowance, length of service, bonuses and benefits.

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The firefighter salary package structure is as follows:

  • Within the field engineers are paid the least with a minimum salary of $48,307 and maximum of $62,265
  • Next in line are Lieutenants whose minimum annual salary is $50,500 to maximum of $60,700
  • Then the rank of Captain is next with an annual salary of $60,605 to $72,700
  • The rank of Assistant Chief whose annual salary range from $65,690 to $83,740
  • The Battalion Chief who is higher in the rank annual salary range from $66,850 to $81,700
  • Deputy Fire Chiefs earn a minimum of $69,200 and a maximum $88,570
  • The highest ranking office on the ladder is the Fire Chief who earns an annual salary of $78,670 to $104,790

A firefighter’s job is a demanding one and comes with intense training. It requires you to perform physical and mental tasks that are very demanding and are above normal expectancy of other jobs so you have to be prepared from the initial stage of your career.

It is important to receive the proper training from the very beginning in order to prepare you for the task that lies ahead. That is why it is crucial that you find the best training program, which is usually available at fire departments in your local area.

The fire training program will teach you how to deal with everything related to fires, emergency medical training and dealing with hysterical and frightened people who are dealing with their house being burnt down.

You will learn things such as: how to handle chemical spills, putting out a fire, rescuing people, lifting and moving heavy objects, climbing ladders, pulling heavy hoses, running up and down stairs, shouldering people of different sizes and weight, chopping away at doors and walls. These functions and much more are an integral part of the firefighter’s training.

The requirements of the firefighter training program are:

  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Emergency medical training program certificate
  • Enrolling in Firefighter Academy
  • Obtaining the written assessment material

Emergency Management Training certification is an important step in the process as it will give you a feel of what is expected of you when attending to people in emergency situations. Administering CPR and remaining calm and focused while trying to save lives during a fire and being in tip top physical condition is a must.

Signing up for a Firefighter Academy is an expected part of the training. This will give prospective firefighters a wide scope of what is expected of them. Learning about ordinances, protocols, fire technology and science, fire assessment and safety will give you the knowledge you need to accurately assess a given situation and appropriately do what is correct in helping those who need your assistance. Learning about hose procedure, building construction, fire extinguisher and every other topic that is necessary to make you efficient at this very important and demanding job. Enrolling in a firefighter academy should be a serious consideration to start off your firefighter career.

Because the job is very demanding physically, as a firefighter, you must maintain a daily workout program that will keep you in shape and have you ready to take on any challenge that lies ahead. There are many strength training programs that are readily available for firefighters to keep them physically ready on a daily basis. Lifting weights and cardio exercises should be included.

A firefighter career is considered a very rewarding job as it entails life saving activities. Firefighters are not compensated nearly enough for the vital role they play in society and that is why some organizations go out of their way to give awards to fire men and women who have performed bravely and risk their lives to save others.

If you are seriously thinking of becoming a firefighter, then you should check out every aspect of the job to make sure it is right for you. You must be someone who is physically fit with no limitations to prevent you from performing tasks that are demanding, you should have great mental focus and not easily distracted. This job requires you to be on top of your game at all times as sometimes you have to enter burning buildings to save people’s lives and you want to be able to do this safely to avoid injury to yourself or those you are trying to save.

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For additional information on all aspects of firefighter salary and career visit this Bureau of Labor Statistics website: It is important to have all the necessary information before embarking on any career choice.

Check with your local Fire Department if you are interested in getting involved in this career as they will have all the information that you will need. When checking out firefighters training program you should check the firefighter’s salary, the duration and cost of the program and ensure it is validated by the appropriate government agency. Learn what their requirements are and make sure you are able to pass all the requirements. If you need to get your GED then you should enroll in a program and get this done as quickly as possible as this will be the first step toward your firefighter career.

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Published on November 14th, 2011
by Steven Fields